Solo exhibition「A Day in the Life」

Artist Moka Takeda will hold her first solo exhibition in Tokyo. Inspired by familiar urban landscapes such as ” train windows” and “construction sites,” Moka Takeda has been presenting installations that question what reality is in this age of information and image inundation. In this exhibition, Moka will show for the first time in Japan “Reise praxis” series made in Munich, Germany in 2022, in addition to “A Day in the Life,” which was exhibited as her graduation project in 2024.


Open|2024.3.15[Fri]17:00 – 21:00
3.16[Sat],3.17[Sun]13:00 – 20:00
3.22[Fri]17:00 – 21:00
3.23[Sat]13:00 – 20:00

EVENT/Opening Party|3.16[Sat]6pm– 9pm
In collaboration with Rummy Curry, an interactive curry shop, original curry, chai, and German beer will be served at this exhibition. We sincerely look forward to your joining us.

Entrance Free

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Exhibition : 2024.03.15

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